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Experienced Commercial Real Estate Developer in Wilmington, MA

Founded in 1958, Howland Development is dedicated to continuing our legacy as a trusted commercial real estate company serving businesses of all sizes across New England.  

An Experienced Team Committed to Excellence

Our high level of excellence is made possible by our group of dedicated team members. The breadth of our experience and commitment has earned us a sterling reputation for providing quality development, support, and property management services.  

This commitment begins at the top with our founder, Michael A. Howland, a former Director of the Algonquin Club and a founding member of the Royal Palm Yacht Club. Although he established the company nearly 60 years ago, he is still active in all facets of the business.

We also boast a skilled team of professionals who specialize in all aspects of commercial real estate, including planning, financing, development, marketing, and management. This includes our team of senior management executives who average more than 25 years of experience, along with a full roster of property management and property maintenance technicians.

Development Services and Variable Space Options

Over the years, we have grown from a small home improvement business into a substantial developer of warehouses, industrial buildings, office spaces, retail properties, and apartments. Not only do we construct and develop properties, but we also provide distribution and support services as a regular benefit to our clients.

Our projects usually consist of industrial spaces north of Boston near the Route 128/I-93 Corridor. Typically, these properties are implemented in increments of 10,000 to 200,000 square feet or more. Most of the buildings provide 18 feet to 26 feet of clearance height to allow for the most efficient and varied use of the space, including stacking palettes and manufacturing.

We Aim to Meet Every Aspect of Our Clients' Needs

Because of our commitment to do more than just lease space, we have become expertly proficient in both marketing and leasing properties. We spend much of our time locating and researching commercial real estate needs, developing the necessary facilities, and matching them with the appropriate clients. We work diligently to understand the needs of potential clients before and during development. This level of planning and forethought enables us to attract and maintain quality tenants, as their space requirements grow and change.

Our commitment to excellence does not stop once a tenant has moved into one of our buildings. We also aim to manage and maintain our properties at the highest level. Experience has taught us that well-maintained buildings are more economical in the long run and help to keep our tenants happy and satisfied.

Property Consultants and Business Partners

In addition to being recognized by our tenants as a great company to work with, other real estate professionals recognize and respect our work. Our experience in finance, development, and property management has enabled us to provide planning, construction, development, and management services for both completed and partially completed properties, either as consultants or as joint ventures.

Contact Howland Development today to learn more about the impressive range of commercial and industrial properties that we have for lease. To arrange a property tour, call our office at 978-657-6400. Please feel free to browse our portfolio of properties for lease.

Contact us today to learn more about the impressive range of commercial and industrial properties that we have for lease. To arrange a property tour, call Jamie McManus at 781-779-5365 today.