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Industrial Space for Lease

Finding the right industrial space for lease can sometimes seem complex. Business owners have to consider many factors, including the usable square footage, additional fees, and length of the lease. At Howland Development, our experienced agents can help guide you through the process and connect you with desirable options to fit your workflow and industry.

What Is an Industrial Lease?

An industrial lease involves the leasing of medium to large buildings that are used to manufacture, assemble, process, distribute, and store goods. Warehouses and factories are two of the main types of industrial properties. Others include mixed-use facilities, cold storage buildings, data housing centers, showroom buildings, and biotech buildings.

Because of the nature of these facilities, the lease agreements are not as standard as those provided by apartments or even other types of commercial leases. We will work with you to formulate an agreement that is tailored to your particular business operation.

Finding the Right Industrial Space for Lease

The first step in finding the right industrial space is to set clear expectations for how you will use the facility and exactly how much space you will need. You will also need to consider any limitations of the property, including restrictions on branding and signage, service vendors, or renovations. Being as specific as possible will help you to quickly narrow down your choices, which can make the search process more manageable.

During your search, you should also determine whether or not the building is equipped to supply electricity to all of your machinery and other equipment. Particularly if you are manufacturing metal products, this may be at the top of your consideration list. The following are some other questions to consider in your decision-making process:

- Does the building meet government standards, zoning laws, and industry safety standards?

- Will the exterior meet your logistical needs?

- Is the location convenient?

- Is there enough parking for employees and visitors?


Whether you are looking to start or expand your business, our team members can help you find the industrial property that meets your needs. Call Howland Development today at 978-657-6400 Ext. 14 to schedule a property tour.